Growth Plan Via M&A and JV Opportunities Review  


Manufacturing company CEO recognizes that it has no growth strategy beyond organic sales, and the industry in which it participates is heavily fragmented.  Consolidation will become a key strategy and company decides it needs an outside advisor with strong industry knowledge to help think through both an M&A and Joint Venture Strategy, create a written plan, identify potential targets, perform initial research, make initial contacts, and facilitate first meetings to determine positives and negatives of doing potential deals.  Recommends and details specific action steps throughout the process.


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Creating Strategic and Tactical Sales Plan

A mid-sized midwest manufacturing Tier 2/3 supplier requests outside, independent support for CEO and top Sales Executive where new sales wins and improved margin results require improvement.  This activity includes the creation of a written Strategic and Tactical Sales Plan, new business pipeline review, customer relationship and decision-making planning, pricing methodology and strategy, and new product/process strategy development.  

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​Sales Team Effectiveness and Compensation Analysis  

Company CEO and Sales Vice President is looking to perform a detailed evaluation of the effectiveness of its Sales Team, including quality of personnel relative to closing the sale, quality of customer relationships, depth in knowledge of company's sales process, pre/post sales-call planning, and motivation relative to objectives and compensation.  They recognize that an outside perspective is needed to create this comprehensive review.  

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Board Governance Review  


Foundry Company CEO and Board Chair recognize that current Board is not providing strategic oversight and effective governance.  They understand that the existing Board members do not understand the industry with sufficient depth, and have been serving the Board with little successes to show for their participation.  Decision made to seek experienced individual with no close personal connections with the executive team or ownership who can provide unfiltered guidance and perspective, especially to discuss and help implement specific growth strategies, and create effective governance practices and policies.   


Product Strategy and Technology Trends Evaluation 


Iron foundry and machining company CEO acknowledges that its product strategy is non-existent, and technical advancements within the core industries that they serve are already happening.  They seek an outside perspective to help the leadership team think through the current and coming product and technology trends, and create a detailed strategy of products to focus, and of necessary product research necessary to help guide this process.  


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